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Who doesn’t love an obedient dog?


Even your Dog does.

We’re professional dog trainers based in Erie, PA. You’ve come to the right place to get your furry friend some manners! Call us NOW for an INSTANT QUOTE!

Dog Trainer Erie PA


Who doesn’t love an obedient dog?


Even your Dog does.

We’re professional dog trainers based in Erie, PA. You’ve come to the right place to get your furry friend some manners! Call us NOW for an INSTANT QUOTE!

Dog Trainers: Obedience at it’s finest.

So you have a new dog or puppy, time to talk to some dog trainers. Congratulations! You can look forward to all kinds of fun and exciting adventures ahead, including dog training and learning to enjoy one another. If your pup is new, you may lose a few nights of sleep as your new family member begins to settle in and learn the household routine so you may want to looking to hiring the best dog trainers in the area.

If you’ve had your pup for awhile and you still can’t get those pesky behaviors under control, don’t fret, we come with a plan.  Lot’s of dog behaviors happen just because the dog wasn’t properly trained the way he would retain it. It’s not your fault, but it’s not the dogs fault either!  Dogs don’t hold grudges and they definitely do things to purposely defy you. That’s good news, right?  We have a whole bunch we can teach you to make your relationship with your dog the easiest and best it can be.

We pride ourselves in really understanding dog behavior and the different methods that match their temperament.  We know all dogs are different so we come in with a tool belt of different methods and processes that we will determine at the 1 hour consultation where we get to know you and your dog.

We’ve been doing this for 18 years and have a very high success rate.


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Dog Trainers

Obedience Instructors: We Can Help!

Dog Aggression Training

We find out what is causing your dog to behave this way and use a very strict program to make your furry friend happier.

Dog Anxiety Training

Just like humans, dogs have anxiey…either separation or the fear of the unknown. Our methods and techniques will teach your pup to be more comfortable.

Basic Obedience

Dogs only do what they know. Jumping, chewing, counter surfing ALL have to be addressed with patience as they don’t know any better.

Off-Leash Control

Dogs don’t EVER come knowing the “come” command. We will get your dog 100% on leash and move to off leash for a safe and fun future.

Off-leash Dog Trainers

For safety reason, your furry best friend should have 100% recall obedience. This means, they will always come when you call, no matter the circumstance or distraction. If you’re dog won’t sit and stay, lay and stay or come when called when a squirrel is around, that means he/she doesn’t know their obedience in high distraction environments.? One thing we always tell clients is you only get ONE chance when it comes to dangerous situations.? So, that’s the way we teach them. It’s NOT ok to break a stay or not to come when called. Your furry friend will be? grateful for your 100% control, we promise.

We have proven methods to get them to this reliable outcome.? We will get together for the consultation and go over different processes and together, we will choose the one that is most fitting for your dog.? And, just to be clear, to ever master off-leash control 100%, you MUST master on-leash first so the process will take 3-6 months to where you can fully trust your dog. We have to take baby steps to get them off of a leash in high distraction environments and we even take them into those situations together. Are you ready?? Call us now!


Our technique is simple and gets the job done.? We actually come into your home and set up your place to be successful. Every week we come with packets to follow so there is no question as to what you should be doing.? We make sure your pup is set up for success.? During the training, we teach everything from different areas of the house so they will be trusted. We make them earn their freedom back.? It sounds strict, but honestly, the dogs love it, they get lots of love attention, training and treats. They also get exercise and a routine which takes anxiety down and happiness up. When dogs know exactly what you want of them, your home is a lot happier and the dog is comfortable in their own skin, leaving the “bad” behaviors in the past.

Dog Training Tip:

Dog’s are present animals. They can only be taught NOT to do something while IN THE ACT of doing it. Their short memory span is so short that if you try to address the problem even minutes later, they won’t know why you are doing what you are doing.? It’s super important that when training dogs, you have them watched or on the leash at all times so they get into a routine, are corrected when offering unwanted behaviors and praised when they make the right choices.? It takes baby steps to teach them everything you need them to know and everything you DON’T want them to do.? Dog are animals, they have NO CLUE what “no” means. They have no idea what you want from them? and they certainly don’t come knowing the rules, how to be potty trained, where they can sleep, not sleep or not to touch the garbage. You should never assume that dogs should JUST KNOW.? They don’t unless you take the time to teach them.


Puppy Training and why it’s important to start early.

Puppies hardly retain anything at such a young age, but with consistency they will eventually learn. One of the things we have found is that when you limit their freedom, they are more prone to taking on things and learning fast.

It’s important to watch their behaviors and look for any aggression or anxiety before it becomes second nature. All dogs need a leader and at this young age, they yearn for it even if they don’t know it. We do puppy training or puppy preschool. 🙂

THis is the stage where they use their teeth to explore, to play and to express dominance.? This is also the stage that when things happen, it could stick with them forever. Puppies need to be socialized immediately after they get their vaccines in order to get used to loud noises, other people, other dogs and even cats. If you don’t take this step, life can get pretty hard for you and your pup in the future. Puppies are a lot of responsibility and lot’s needs to be done in the early years.? We can help. Call us for a consultation or a schedule of classes.



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